Your level of Experience

Because I value my students' investment and commitment to my workshops, I prefer to work with those who have a genuine desire to improve their painting skills.   It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced, as long as you're keen to learn what makes a 'good painting' and to improve your own skill level.

My aim is to bring enthusiastic artists from beginner to advanced level, through my range of painting classes or art workshops as their paintings go from simple compositions to gallery standard. How far you go is up to you !!

To do that, and ensure you're on the right course and get the best value for money, I'm offering workshops on several different experience levels -

You need to check the general categories below and if in doubt, just call me, as it's just as pointless to undersell yourself and end up on the wrong course as to oversell yourself and be struggling to keep up.

Beginner : Just what it says - you've absolutely no experience, never painted before, probably apprehensive about your ability/talent, but definitely interested and prepared to try. Or possibly you did Art in school, and for the past twenty years you've been too busy to practice art - this is the level for you.

You’ll still have to buy/have all the necessary equipment/materials etc – but I can give you all those details.

Workshops titled 'Beginner'are suitable for beginners only - eg Oil Painting for Beginners

Improver:  You have all the paints etc, you’ve tried mixing colours, you know about washing your brushes, cleaning your palette etc; you’ve painted a few paintings but you now know how little you know about painting, and you’re eager to progress.

Intermediate: You’ve probably several years of experience, attended some art classes, and are ambitious to improve significantly.  You’re familiar with mixing colours, applying paint, and maybe understand the different styles of painting available to you.  But you’re not too sure about what makes a good composition or good colour harmony.  Not sure about hard and soft edges and where to use them. We will cover these types of things on my workshops, and much more.

Intermediate/Experienced level Workshops, while open to every level, may prove a little challenging to Beginners as they will be pitched at Intermediate level and will assume you have learned a little about  paints/brushes/palettes/colour mixing etc - I may not have sufficient time to teach you all the basics you'll need, while also giving the Intermediate/Experienced artists the time and attention they deserve.

Advanced/Professional: It’s hard for advanced artists to find workshops that help them.  You have a lot of experience/paintings under your belt; maybe you have exhibited in local exhibitions or galleries; perhaps hold a degree in Art.

You’ve lots of experience, probably have attended several art classes, perhaps are a member of an art group, and have exhibited in local group exhibitions, perhaps even have work in a local gallery, and have sold some of your work over the last few years.  But you want to learn more advanced concepts of art-making, and improve your painting and drawing skills.

You know the basics but you want to learn as much as possible about advanced composition & design, colour plans, advanced techniques such as glazing, scumbling etc; you may wish to develop work to a professional level or simply improve the general standard of your paintings. You are keen to have your work critiqued in order to improve.

You are perhaps earning some or all of your  income selling your paintings and drawings.  But you still want to improve.  I have helped many such artists on my workshops.  I will listen to what you are seeking, I will challenge your thinking, point out any weaknesses I see and suggest new ways to approach your work and achieve your goals.