How Colour Works   4 Days

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Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues  23rd/24th/25th/26th February, 2019

Where:  Schoolhouse for Art, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow

Fee: €350 All bookings through Schoolhouse for Art


Do you find COLOUR is a really difficult aspect of painting to master?

Then help is at hand!

How Colour Works for artists - is a four day, step by step journey from the basics and theory of Colour to being able to paint really harmonious colour schemes to suit the various moods of your paintings.

Believe me, if you've struggled with colour mixing, you don't understand all the complicated words like hue/tone/chroma/permanence and many other such words, and you would like to  be MASTER of your own colour in your paintings - then join this very practical, very painting -focussed workshop.

I love running it because I know it helps partipants so much.

You'll come away with useful aids such as your own painted tonal strip, your own Colour Wheel (you use my special template to create a lovely reference wheel), and you'll paint several small paintings in different colour combinations as you master the complexities of colour.

And finally, we'll practice with certain limited-colour palettes to create harmonious still lifes and beautiful skin tones for portraits.

This is a very popular, essential workshop for any artist keen to master Colour, because Colour is probably the hardest aspect of painting to master.  The reason is simple - every time you paint a single stroke of paint - often called a Colour Note - you're actually putting four entirely separate things onto your canvas - because every spot of paint has four inherent characteristics 'built in' to it - they are Tone, Hue, Brightness and 'push/pull' (the effect of a colour 'coming forward' or 'going back' relative to other colours).

So to be accurate with your paint, and your painting, you need to understand how these four characteristics work together, and more important, how to mix them accurately and quickly, based on a clear understanding.

Once you've understood these four characteristics, and how they differ, we'll then look at how different Colours work together and Why, creating a range of colour harmonies.

That's what this workshop will provide.  You'll do simple exercises, building up over the four days, until all these characteristics are clear, and with equally similar landscape designs, you'll practice colour harmonies that create totally different moods and harmonies.

So - this  workshop will take the mystery out of colour. Learn the differences between Tone, Hue, Tint, Chroma, Shade, Permanence, Transparency and many more colour issues that cause needless confusion.

You'll learn how the Colour Wheel is developed through simple step-by-step stages, and, with a special template I've developed, you'll begin to paint your own Colour Wheel, and all the key colour harmonies, and you’ll understand how simple it all is once it’s clearly explained and illustrated.

You’ll practice how to create different moods in your paintings and how to choose colour harmonies that reflect your inner spirit.   Begin to take control of colour in your paintings at last - through a clear understanding of how it all works.

Interested - then go to to reserve a place or email me if you have any queries - but please note - I cannot make reservations for you.