Put Pzazz in your Paintings 3 Days

How to Finish your Paintings with IMPACT !

When   Sat/Sun/Mon  16th/17th/18th November, 2019

Where  Schoolhouse for Art, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow

Fee:  €275   All Bookings through Schoolhouse for Art www.schoolhouseforart.com

Most artists can paint, but how to make your paintings really STAND OUT – to give it that PZAZZ factor - and make the most of what you’ve put into it – that’s where FINISHING comes in. It’s the critical, distinct and final stage of any painting, and requires a deep understanding of the key aspects and techniques that make a painting GREAT!.

That’s what we’ll cover in this really interesting workshop and with the insights and demonstrations that John Dinan will share with you, you’ll work on your own (almost finished) paintings to put a whole new level of PZAZZ into them.

Learn the exact methods John uses to finish his own paintings in this exciting, insightful workshop that will change the way you think about your paintings. Issues covered will include placing focal points, how to create maximum interest and impact, the importance of edges, how to use Movement through the picture, how various Opposites work for your painting, and how to create overall Unity in your finished painting.

This workshop is most suitable for painters with some experience, although all levels will find it accessible; paintings in any media are welcome, but demonstrations will be with Oils or Acrylics.

Interested - then go to www.schoolhouseforart.com to reserve a place, or email me if you've any queries - but please note - I cannot make reservations for you.