Hi All
If you’ve booked for one of my 2020 workshops or are interested in joining – this is a very important document to read
I thought I should update everyone regarding my 2020 schedule of Painting Workshops- and the impact of the Coronavirus on them.
There are many health-related issues involved in Painting Workshops - making plans very difficult.

Here's some of the issues as I see them:
*Government restrictions can change week to week.
*Health and Safety guidelines are complex and can change.
*Accomodation, and eating in hotels/restaurants will be necessary for many participants.
*Not everyone in public conforms to the guidelines.
*Teaching Art involves group activity - even with safe social distancing.
*Outdoor workshops - even with safe distancing between students - usually involve members of the public approaching out of curiosity.
*Some participants may be medically compromised in these pandemic circumstances
*I cannot absolutely guarantee total safety to participants regarding Coronavirus - so different participants will have different responses to attending.
*There's also the issue of insurance, and it seems, as of writing, that insurance companies are unwilling to cover for claims due to coronavirus, and that is something I will have to clarify with my insurance company - can I go ahead with a workshop if I cannot get insurance cover, and would I be personally liable to any claims made regarding coronavirus, other than the normal public liability insurance I usually take out when running workshops - this is something I will attempt to clarify with my insurance company. When I have an answer to that, it might change my plans.
Despite all the above, I hope to fulfil the plan below
Please check out each workshop below and see how it's been affected. John Dinan

Colour Workshop - this was scheduled to run in late February but was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. It's unlikely to take place until Feb 2021.

Perspective Workshop We have to act within the Government restrictions at any time, so my June 2 Day Perspective workshop in Enniskerry’s Schoolhouse for Art is cancelled, as no one can travel more than 20 km from home. It’s not certain whether it will be rescheduled later this year, or it may be pushed back to 2021.

Introduction to Landscape Painting based from my studio in Cross, Co. Mayo.      Again, it won’t be possible to run this as scheduled, due to travel restrictions – no more than 20 km from one’s home. I hope to reschedule this workshop, hopefully on Tues-Thurs 28/29/30th July and work within safe distance guidelines, by using the Crossroads Community Centre as my ‘base’ – there’s two very large rooms/hall that would easily meet these restrictions, but the Centre is currently empty and I’ve yet to make contact with them – but hopefully it will happen.

Travel restrictions should be lifted and Hotels are scheduled to be re-opened from July 20th.
If the weather is good on these three days, we will be outdoors almost all the time in and around nearby Cong village and surroundings. If you’re interested, there are a few places left so please contact me – details at bottom of this newsletter.

Six Steps to Great Landscape Painting 17 – 21 August, in Roundstone  I’m really hopeful this most popular workshop will go ahead as scheduled. I hope to switch the ‘base’ from the downstairs room we normally use in the Community Centre to the much larger hall that I used for many years.  If you’re interested, there are a few places left so please contact me – details at bottom of this newsletter.

Introduction to Portrait Painting 1/2/3 Sept in Cross, Co. Mayo   Again, I’m really hopeful this workshop can go ahead with safe distancing between students and myself. Again, I hope to re-locate this workshop to the Cong Community Centre and instead of live models -where all students would need to be close to the model and more importantly be very close to each other – I will use portrait photographs from which each student will use to paint their portraits. This will enable very safe distancing.       If you’re interested, there are a few places left so please contact me – details at bottom of this newsletter.

Painting on the Cote d’Azur based in Beaulieu-sur-mer Sept 29/30+1/2 Oct This workshop will not go ahead – based on current French restrictions and the likelihood of not being allowed to have groups of people gather together closely (to watch my demonstration paintings), and paint near each other along public walkways or beaches or market squares.
I would have to get specific permission from the Mayor’s office and/or the local police – and I know that, right now, restrictions are being enforced very strictly with fines being imposed for the slightest demeanours. I’m afraid I don’t expect I would get permission to run the workshop, and so, reluctantly, I’m cancelling this workshop and advising the many people who have booked this workshop, that they should either cancel their hotel/flights or just treat their visit as a purely personal holiday.

Put Pzazz in your Paintings 7/8/9 Nov in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow (near Dublin) I’m pretty hopeful this workshop will go ahead – I’ve been talking with Neil Condron who runs the Schoolhouse for Art and he’s already making plans for safe distancing and several other health measures in the venue for early September – so we’ll have lots of feedback before we finally commit to this workshop, but I’m pretty confident it will go ahead.  If you’re interested, there are some places left so please contact me – details at bottom of this newsletter.

Fees and Cancellations
For Cross/Roundstone workshops - Fear not - If you’ve booked and paid either a deposit or full payment for any workshop – paid already, or at any time before two weeks of the start date of a rescheduled workshop in Cross or Roundstone and you decide not to attend, I will refund in full all monies paid or if you prefer, I will credit the amount in full to a future workshop with advance priority notice to book – it’s your choice.

For Enniskerry workshops you will need to contact Schoolhouse for Art for their terms and conditions but I suspect they will be very sympathetic to any request.
Finally – please note: As Government guidelines and restrictions might change, so might these revised plans and dates. I will keep in touch regarding any updates with all participants who have booked, and through this Newsletter to my many hundreds of mailing list friends and artists.

To Reserve a Place on any workshop
Depending on where my workshop is being run – there are two different ways to book:-
For any of my Cross (Cong) or Roundstone workshops – please email me in the first instance to check there’s a place available at johndinanartist@gmail.com
For an Enniskerry workshop – please contact Schoolhouse for Art at 01 286 9594 or email them from their website www.schoolhouseforart.com or directly at schoolhouseforart@gmail.com
If you have any concerns or queries, please email me at johndinanartist@gmail.com
Thank you for reading this.  Any updates will appear on this website  www.johndinan.com