JUNE 23, 24, 25th  Tues, Wed, Thurs

at my studio in Cross, near Cong, Co. Mayo

Fee  €285

For Beginners/Intermediates at Painting and those artists New to Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting is becoming one of the fastest growing genres of painting.  There are local, national and international outdoor painting festivals - we call it painting 'en plein air'.

Why? - because outdoors is fun! Outdoors allows you, as an artist, to see much more colour, tones and details than you can from a photo.  It also gives you new challenges as the conditions can change over the course of several hours outdoors - the tide goes out, the boats keel over, the sun moves from left to right, shadows change - all these guide us to paint in different ways outdoors - simplifying  the composition, deciding what to include and what to leave out, what colours to bring with us and most important, the various stages so you can paint quickly and confidently.

That's what this workshop is about. A really fun three days, when I demonstrate and explain my well tried Six Step system for outdoor painting.  You will have the opportunity to try these steps, indoors at first in my studio, then outdoors weather permitting, on one or two of the days, but in quiet spots where there shouldn't be many or any passer-bys.

To Reserve a Place Click Here and email me your interest; I'll advise you if there's a place available and then you can pay a deposit either online with PayPal or by cheque to my postal address.  I'll give you full details of accomodation choices nearby in this lovely area near Cong, Co. Mayo - a half hour's drive north of Galway.

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